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Why Feminism?
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Why Feminism?

Though we celebrate the great strides that have been made in many areas (read Thank a Feminist!), we have a long way to go - and much work to do - before the feminist ideals of equality of opportunity and social and economic justice are met.

Why feminism? Because ...

  1. Rape, sexual abuse and domestic violence continue to plague women in Nevada.
  2. Women continue to earn less than men - only about 76 cents to every dollar earned by men in Nevada. This inequity not only impacts weekly paychecks but earnings over the course of a career, impacting retirement and other income-based benefits.
  3. Mothers in the workforce bear the triple burden of career, household and child rearing work. Finding suitable, accessible, safe and affordable child care is an enormous hurdle for many working women.
    Sex and pregnancy discrimination continues to hold women back in the workplace.
  4. Women continue to be sexually harassed in school and workplaces.
  5. The gains that women have made are not guaranteed and are under constant attack.

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