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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, October 16, 2006 - 8 p.m.
CONTACT: Jessica Brown (702) 387-7552 or NevadaNOW@gmail.com

Nevada NOW calls upon Jim Gibbons to set forth a plan
to end the epidemic of violence against women in Nevada

Nevada NOW has been inundated with phone calls and e-mails from our members concerned about the fate of the anonymous woman who was either "grabbed" or "assaulted" (depending on which newspaper you read) by Jim Gibbons outside of a Las Vegas McCormick and Schmick restaurant on Saturday night.

Though many of our members suspect that the woman was somehow pressured to not come forward, Nevada NOW respects the anonymity of any victim of violence. Nevada NOW is also non-partisan, and we have no wish to "play politics" during an election year. We do, however, have a responsibility to educate the public about sexual assault and violence against women, as well as to hold Nevada politicians accountable for their advocacy, or lack of advocacy, on these issues.

The incident between Congressman Jim Gibbons and a Las Vegas woman this weekend was a painful reminder for many of us in the women's advocacy community that issues concerning thousands of women in Nevada have not been addressed during this election cycle. Reporters and columnists are not asking the questions about - and therefore some politicians do not feel compelled to speak about - sexual assault and violence against women in Nevada. For the past decade, the Rape Crisis Center of Southern Nevada and advocates for domestic violence shelters have reported "epidemic" levels of domestic battery and sexual assault. According to the Rape Crisis Center, Nevada has the fourth highest rate of sexual assault in the country. Nevada also ranks second behind only Alaska in the number of domestic violence deaths in the country.

In light of the high-profile and alleged assault this weekend, Nevada NOW is calling upon Jim Gibbons to put forth a specific plan on how he will address the epidemic levels of violence against women in Nevada. These are not issues or plans he has discussed before, and it is high time that he does so.

*****The Nevada chapter of the National Organization for Women is dedicated to the advancement of women's rights and social status. Our diverse grassroots organization encourages participation of women and men.

Nevada NOW is comprised entirely of Volunteers. We have no paid staff. All donations go toward grassroots lobbying and membership education.

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