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It may sound like a trope, but there is power in numbers. Change can happen when women and men - men can be NOW members too! - work together for social justice.

Top 10 Reasons to Start a NOW Chapter

  1. NOW gives women a structure to facilitate social changes needed to bring equality to all women.
  2. NOW educates the public on issues that affect our society as a whole.
  3. NOW teaches women how to organize a political movement.
  4. NOW encourages women to run for political office.
  5. NOW raises the consciousness of women to understand that their personal struggles are part of a greater anti-woman culture.
  6. NOW is a multi issue organization. We "connect the dots" in the movement. A single issue does not take precedent over another. All women matter!

NOW don't you think it is time to join NOW? Or, better yet, start a chapter in your area? Contact us for help.