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Nevada Legislation News - April 12, 2007

Next week, Nevada NOW will be sending information via e-mail on how you can help to pass the Titus bill that would make the cervical vaccine accessible to thousands of girls in Nevada.  Please stay tuned! (Bill# SB 409)

Last Friday, Planned Parenthood, Nevada NOW, the League of Women Voters and independent citizens testified against the legislation that would elevate the legal status of the fetus to that of an adult human being (Bill# SB 299) We are keeping our eye on this bill, and will send out an action alert if this bill makes it out of the Nevada Senate Judiciary committee.

Two weeks ago, Nevada NOW testified in front of the Senate taxation committee in favor of granting tax breaks to companies that provide on-site childcare for employees (Bill number SB211).  This bill has made it out of the Senate committee and we will keep you updated on its progress. (Bill# SB 211)

Please go to the state legislature’s website and give your opinion on these bills.  The link is www.leg.state.nv.us/74th/opinions/Poll/.  Simply look up the bill or type in the number (eg SB409) and add your opinion.  Our legislatures read these opinions! You will be even more effective if you call or write your legislator. Usually, the legislator's assistant will answer the phone. You will simply leave a message saying that you support bill #_____. The following are links that help you contact your legislator:

  • SB409 - Requires policies of health insurance and health plans to provide coverage for a vaccine to protect against cervical cancer.
  • SB211 - Authorizes deductions from the state taxes on financial institutions and other businesses for certain expenditures by employers for the provision of day care to the children of their employees.
  • SB299 - Establishes provisions relating to crimes against unborn children.

March 21, 2007: Nevada NOW Testimony on SB211- Provides certain tax incentives for day care